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Two out of three Spanish people have used Take Away by means of apps for bars, restaurants and hotels such as BR Bars and Restaurants on the last year. Open a new kind of business with our app, so that your customers can order wherever they are and pick it up once it’s ready.

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They will be able to see your menu
wherever they are

Just by logging in the BR Bars and Restaurants app, your customers will be able to see all your meals, suggestions and promotions to order, pay, and take away once it’s ready. That way, all your orders will be managed much faster and sorted out, while they keep getting BR Coins.

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How can you order take away? It's quite easy!

Optimise the waiters' time

The management system of orders gets the request from the customer via the app, so that waiters optimise their time as they do not need to pick up the phone to get Take Away orders. Customers order in an easier way an, and bars and restaurants save time while giving a great service.

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