BR Coins

Fidelity system for your customers

If your customers use our app for bars, restaurants, hotels and others, they will earn BR Coins that they can spend in their next visit or consumption. This turns into a powerful fidelity system for bars, restaurants, hotels that will help your business create regular customers.

How to trade BR COINS? Take a look at this video!

Use BR Coins for your sales’ strategies

The operation to advertise BR Coins is quite simple. Just choose the courses that you want to include within this offer and select the amount of BR Coins which your clients can trade for consuming such course or product. They’ll only be able to trade their BR Coins in the products in which you have enabled such option. You choose the quantity of the promotion. A discount of 1€ equals 10 BR Coins, and so, each euro which has been consumed means 1 BR Coin that will be spent in your business.

Start drawing clients to the BR community!
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