The best solution to make your bar profitable

With the app BR Bars and Restaurants, you’ll have at your disposal a digital tool and a sale spot in your customers hands. Your bar will manage automatically orders and your business will go off to digitalization.

Discover all advantages of having BR in my bar.

Your bar in your customer’s hand

Speed up orders, payments, optimise your employees’ time… so in the end, you make your bar profitable!

Improve your image to draw more customers to your bar

You’ll distinguish yourself from competitors by offering the best service in your area and gaining your customers’ loyalty. Take advantage from digital transformation and make them talk about you while your business takes off beyond simple TPV systems for bars.

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Promote your courses and products from your bar

Do you want a specific course out in the public? Do you abseil with some product? The BR app allows you to promote and suggest the most convenient and profitable courses for your bar. You’ll increase your invoicing and your customers will earn BR Coins that they can spend on their next visit.

How to promote my courses
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This is how BR works in a restaurant!

Do you have a new bar? Or, on the contrary you already have a management system?

If you have a newly-opened bar our solution is perfect for you, as we will install you our order’s management and reception system with no investments and with our BR POS (TPV) teams to use the BR app. If you already have an opened bar with a working TPV management system, our BR POS works parallel to it and it’s a wonderful digital tool for automatization of orders in our app without you changing anything.

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